Shape Payroll

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Shape Payroll UI

A modern cloud based payroll platform built on top of our API. Beautiful, easy to use and available anywhere, anytime.

Shape Payroll API

JSON API to perform payroll calculations and submit RTI documents. The same API powers our UI making deep integration with our platform possible.

Custom Development

Custom payroll development and integration services to support non-standard and complex business processes.


We provide a suite of scalable cloud based payroll solutions.

Information technology has progressed at rapid pace over the last 20 years, however, most payroll systems in use in the UK have not changed in that time.

Following years of frustration integrating with these systems we decided to bring a new, up-to-date product to the market.

Shape Payroll has been built API first, and the same API that drives our core payroll product is available for integration by your developers.

This means your own systems can be integrated incredibly closely with your payroll process.

Our platform has been built assuming our customers will integrate with it. Our API specification is published and documented using the Open API standard so client libraries can be generated in any programming language.


We are currently in the process of securing HMRC recognition for our payroll system. Once achieved we will publish more information about our products and services.

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