UK Payroll API

The REST API that powers 100% of the features in our UK Payroll System is open and available for use by any of our customers at no additional cost.

Fully Documented and Easy to Integrate

Our payroll API is built to the Open API Specification with a public schema so you can generate client libraries in your language of choice. We also include the swagger explorer which you can freely experiment with to discover the behaviour your need.

As an API customer you will be given free unlimited access to our development API (and UI) which you can use to build your integration.

You will also have access to our development team who will be happy to guide you through the integration process or answer any questions you may have.

Integrate as little or as much as you like

You don’t want to build an entire payroll front end just to automate some payroll tasks from your application. Integrate the repetitive tasks that are part of your business workflow and let your users use our front end to do the heavy lifting.

Our UI is 100% client-side JS, so every feature is delivered via our API. This gives you unparalleled access to the inner workings of our system. Integrate where you want and automate anything.

RTI Compliance

We have been recognised by HMRC for RTI since 2018 and have made over 70k RTI submissions.

FPS submissions are generated when you complete a payroll. You can decide if our system should submit them automatically or allow your users to review them through your system (or ours) before submission.

EPS submissions to claim statutory payments are generated for you once the final pay run in a tax month is complete. These can be reviewed and submitted through our API or UI.

Employment Allowance Indicator EPS are generated when you update your companies.

No Payment EPS submissions can be generated and submitted automatically for periods where your companies make no payments.


You will need a single or multiple company account to access our development support. You will then pay the same usage costs as a UI customer which are based on the number for companies you run payroll for and the number employees you pay.

If you are developing a system for sale to multiple clients, then each of your clients would have an account with us which we would invoice directly.

Are you planning to build something big? We are a small and dynamic company, get in touch and we can work out a deal!

Development Services

If you would rather not complete the integration yourself, or you are looking for an experienced development team with payroll expertise to build an application for you. We would be happy to provide development resources on an hourly, daily or project basis.

Get Started

Say hello via our contact page and we will provide links to the documentation and our development system.