Our platform

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Our easy to use cloud-based payroll software has all the tools you need to easily manage your employees, pay runs and keep your RTI up to date.

The platform is consistently and cleanly organised for easy and intuitive navigation. We have included helpful tips and info throughout so you can quickly complete your payroll tasks whether you are a novice, or an experienced payroll professional.

All the things you need

The Shape platform includes everything a business needs for payroll, from employee records to tax and national insurance contributions.

Creating payslips and payroll documents has never been simpler and with our RTI (Real Time Information) submissions, you can be sure to be on top of your payroll at all times.

Here's some of our great features.

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Employee records

Our easy to use starter wizard guides you through a simple step-by-step process for setting up new employees and edit existing ones, ensuring they have the correct tax code. Plus easily update details, view previous payments and pensions contributions.


Tax & NI

Our software has been recognised by HMRC to file Real Time Information (RTI) since 2018.

Clear indicators show when you need to submit RTI records to keep you in control.


Generate PDF payslips for your employees.

Payslips can be password protected and emailed to your employees.


Payroll documents

Generate P60s for your employees as part of an easy to use year end process.

Create P45s for your leavers.


Automatically generate Full Payment Submission (FPS) and Employer Payment Summary (EPS) and easily submit them to HMRC.


Automatically assess your staff for auto enrolment.

Calculate employee and employer pension contributions.

Making your life easier

As well as the functions you’d expect from a payroll system, the shape platform is packed with a whole bunch of great features that help make payroll easy.

The Shape Hub, self-serve employee portal

Shape accept invitation screen

The shape hub allows you to securely issue payslips and other payroll documents to your employees.

Employees can access the hub 24/7 so they won’t need to contact you to request historic payslips.

Run multiple different pay frequencies

Shape pay run index screen

Support for Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Biannual and Annual pay runs.

Keep track of your PAYE liability and payments made to HMRC

Shape HMRC liability screen

You can always see when your next PAYE payment is due right on our dashboard.

Detailed information on liabilities and payments is available at the click of a button.

Includes full support for Quarterly PAYE payments.


Shape year end overview screen

Our easy to use year end process makes the 6th April less stressful.

  • Automatically applies P9 notices
  • Performs tax code uplifts (where no P9 is issued)
  • Generate P60s
  • Issue P60s via the employee portal or email