Shape Payroll Features

Our easy to use cloud-based payroll software has all the tools you need to easily manage your employees, pay runs and keep your RTI up to date.

The platform is consistently and cleanly organised for easy and intuitive navigation. We have included helpful tips and info throughout so you can quickly complete your payroll tasks whether you are a novice, or an experience payroll professional.

Take a look at the screen shots below, or better still sign up for a free 14 day trial!

Company Home Screen

All the essential information you need to run your payroll can be easily found on the company home screen. Here you will find links to the most frequent tasks as well as details of outstanding RTI submissions and your PAYE liability for the current period.

Manage Employees

Quick and easy access to your employee’s records. Drill down into individual employees to update their details or to view historic payments and pension contributions.

Setting up a new employee only takes a few minutes. Our easy to use starter wizard guides you through a simple step by step processes to ensure you have the correct tax settings for your employees.

Easy to Manage Pay Runs

Easily add or remove employees from your pay runs. Modify the payments made to employees. Add recurring or one-off payments. Generate PDF payslips for your employees.

Full Payment Summary (FPS) submissions are generated for you when you complete your pay run. When you are ready submit these to HMRC with one click.

Keep track of your tax

Employer payment summary reports are generated for every tax month so you can easily see what payments you need to make to HMRC for tax and national insurance.

Our calculations keep track of your Employer Allowance to offset against NI as well as any statutory payments that can be recovered.