Adding notes to payslips

Published: 2022-04-06
Author: Cheri Bartlett

Shape allows you to add payslip notes in different ways, depending on what message you would like to appear.

  • Every payslip, everytime - if there is a message you want to appear for everyone, every pay run, then you can set this in company setup.

  • All payslips, one pay run - if you want a message to appear for everyone but only once, you can add a payslip to the pay run. Great for saying Happy New Year to all employees.

  • Individual payslips - You can add a personal message just for one person, for example, Happy birthday or noting how much holiday someone has left.

For more information on what should be on a payslip, check out our help article here: Payslips and Notes.

Health and Social Care Levy

HMRC is asking employers, where appropriate, to include the following message on payslips:

‘1.25% uplift in NICs, funds NHS, health & social care’.

You can add this message, if you wish, by adding it to the payslip notes as set out above. You may only want to include this message for employees that have been effected by the increase as some employees will not pay NI, for example, those over state pension age.