Create a No Payment EPS

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If you do not pay any of your employees in a period tax month, that is the 6th of one month until the 5th of the following month, you may have to notify HMRC to avoid them raising estimated charges against your PAYE account.

You can do this by creating a No Payment EPS, also known as a “period of inactivity” or a “no payment to any employees report”.

To do this in Shape Payroll navigate to HMRC > RTI Submissions and then select ‘No Payment EPS’ from the ‘Create’ drop down menu in the top right of the list.

Create RTI Dropdown

Select the date range you need to report for from the 2 select boxes and then click ‘Save’.

No Payment EPS Form

Shape Payroll will check you have not made any changes in this date range, and if you have it will prevent you from creating the No Payment EPS.

All being well your EPS is created, the system will then navigate to the EPS page where you can double check the details.

No Payment EPS Detail

Finally submit the EPS to HMRC by clicking the 'Submit' button.

Submitting RTI