Manage PAYE notices in Shape Payroll

1 minute read

Shape Payroll can download your tax code and student loan notices from HMRC and apply them directly to your employee records.

To do this you must elect to receive these notices electronically. You will need to do this using HMRC’s site. Follow the steps below to set this preference.

  • Log into your HMRC business account.
  • Access your PAYE messages by clicking the Messages link in the header and then PAYE for employers messages on the next screen.
  • You should see a Notices preferences section on the right of the page. Select 'Change how you get tax code and student loan notices.
  • Select Yes for all notice types that you want to receive online and click Next. If all the options already say Yes then no changes are necessary.
  • You should see a summary of your changes.
  • Confirm you have happy by clicking Submit.

Unfortunately Shape Payroll will only see notices that are issued after you have made these changes.

You can view and apply notices by from the ‘Coding Notices’ option in HMRC menu.